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Reverend Rick RiccardiChaplain Services

Our Police Chaplains serve as a non-denominational spiritual rock that our officers and residents lean upon in times of crisis.

Our Chaplains are dedicated members of our organization and enthusiastically make themselves available for the needs of the department.

Rev. Rick Riccardi(pictured top right) is a former New York City Police Officer. He has unique insight into the special stresses and emotional burdens indicative of a law enforcement career and the effects that these stresses pose on our officers and their families.

Rabbi Sol RothsteinRabbi Sol Rothstein (pictured bottom right) is a former Chaplain for the Los Angeles Police Department He comes to us with a variety of experiences and has provided valuable support and words of comfort to our members and citizens alike in times of professional and personal crisis.


Our Chaplains are a valuable asset to our department, members and community. We appreciate their dedication, commitment and sense of duty.


To contact Rev. Riccardi, click here.

To contact Rabbi Rothstein, click here.