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Extra Patrol

An extra patrol notification is simply that; an advisory to your police department that you are going out of town and would like your home or business periodically checked. The City of Boynton Beach nor their employees can guarantee the security of your property and accept no liability from crimes against you or your property during the extra patrol period. for further information, contact a patrol supervisor at 561.742.6100.

Crime Prevention Tips:
1. Have someone pick up your newspapers and mail.
2. Interior and exterior light timers are effective.
3. Have a trusted neighbor park their car in your driveway during random times.
4. Motion sensor lights are an excellent deterrent.
5. Never say "we aren't home" on your answering machine.


Going on Vacation?  Request an extra patrol!

Email Address:

Phone Number:

(Where we can reach you while you are gone)
Date Departing:

Time Departing:

Date Returning:

Time Returning:

Emergency Contact Name:

Emergency Contact Phone Number:

Do you have an alarm system?  Yes  No
Is your alarm monitored?  Yes  No
Do you have someone coming by to check on your home while you are away?  Yes  No
Is anyone allowed inside of your home during your absence?  Yes  No
If so, whom?     (Enter multiple names if necessary)


Please note that we cannot honor extra patrol requests unless they are scheduled to begin within the next 30 days.

We do not conduct extra patrols for homes left unoccupied for months at a time by seasonal residents.

Incomplete forms will not be serviced. Please fill out all required information.