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Officer of the Month

Officers Cory Gray

Congratulations to our January Officer of the Month, Cory Gray.

On January 4, 2013, Officer Gray responded to Wal-Mart 3200 Old Boynton Road for a crash investigation. While driving through the parking lot, Officer Gray noticed a suspicious vehicle driving around the lot. Knowing this particular parking lot/business is a feeding ground for different crimes, he checked the tag on the vehicle and it came back stolen out of Port St. Lucie in an armed carjacking. Officer Gray covertly called it out on the radio and let the males park the vehicle. He waited until they were about to enter the Wal-mart before approaching the three suspects. He made small talk while waiting for back-up to arrive, then took all three in custody without incident. A loaded shotgun was recovered in the stolen vehicle. Officer Gray not only had the intuition to know something wasn’t right but he also was coy enough to trick them into not fleeing on foot or in the vehicle and apprehending them all. Great Job!

On January 9, 2013, Officer Gray stopped a vehicle in the 1600 block of NE 1st Street for a seat belt violation. That stop resulted in the arrest of the driver for felonies. Recovered was over 50 grams of Marijuana packaged for sale. Another drug dealer off the streets because of a simple traffic stop.

On January 29, 2013, Officer Gray responded to a simple credit card fraud case in progress at the Best Buy at 550 North Congress Avenue to assist road patrol units. Instead of running into the store like most officers do, he checked the parking lot for the vehicle/driver that was supposed to be waiting for the fraud suspect out in the parking lot somewhere. The Vehicle/Driver saw Officer Gray enter the lot and started moving away. Officer Gray went after the vehicle and waited for him to park. He did this without spooking the driver, which led to an easy apprehension. The vehicle and both suspects were involved in a snatch and grab Robbery in Greenacres jurisdiction and were using the victim's credit cards to purchase items at Best Buy. Both men were charged with that robbery. In addition to this, the vehicle they were driving was a stolen vehicle from our jurisdiction. Although several officers assisted in this case, I feel Officer Gray’s actions led to the success of this case.

Officer Gray was been instrumental in several cases during the month of January, and hands down deserves to be the Boynton Beach Police Department’s January Officer of the Month.

Great work, Officer Gray!